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Nutrition Assessment

If you’ve ever wanted to live better and discover what you can do to make that happen, nutrition assessment could be for you. Through Nutrition Assessment, Dr. Bob examines what’s really going on with your body through exams, scans and blood tests to get an in depth look at disturbances and interferences, and how they can be corrected through:

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  • Nutritional care
  • Weight loss and lifestyle adjustments
  • Health coaching
  • Stress management
  • Adjustments and nervous system care


Tired Or Regularly Taking Medication?

Are you tired of regularly taking medication? Do you want to start living better by more natural means? Dr. Bob can help. His Nutrition Assessment services will help you determine what is really going on inside your body. This assessment allows him to discover the root cause of your health concerns and identify appropriate nutritional care and lifestyle improvements to achieve optimal health.

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Benefits of Care

Many people who come to us for care experience blood pressure issues, abnormal cholesterol levels, migraines, poor digestion, thyroid dysfunction, insomnia, low energy, and more. Unlike the conventional medical approach, Health and Wellness of Central Florida wants to help you find out the “why” behind your health concerns. There is no time better than now to learn about your health and live a happier, healthier life.

A Holistic Approach to Health

Health is more than simply nutrition, exercise and stress management. It’s important to address underlying dysfunction before those measures can have their best effects. That is where Health and Wellness of Central Florida comes into play. Our goal is to help your body restore cellular function by giving it the necessary means for the body to heal. From organic, nutrient-rich foods to plant-based supplements, we believe there are better ways to address and improve health than conventional, traditional means. Let us help you give your body a chance to repair and self-heal before resorting to less natural approaches.

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Dr. Bob’s Success with Nutrition Assessment

Dr. Bob is a true advocate for nutrition assessment because it’s helped him in his own life in a number of ways. About a year ago, he wasn’t feeling great and decided to make a change. Through testing, he discovered that his blood pressure and cholesterol were high. After making lifestyle changes, working with a health coach, and changing up his diet, he felt better in just weeks—and his second blood test proved how great he was doing. His blood pressure and cholesterol were both back within normal range.

Schedule an Appointment

Put your best life forward by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Bob to learn more about how nutrition assessment can positively influence your health and life for the better. Contact us today to book your time!


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