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Meet Our Team

Stephanie K., Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer

Stephanie Health CoachAs a certified health coach, I help people empower to take control of their health at Health and Wellness of Central Florida. We work together to increase vitality and well-being by engaging in behaviors that have been proven to improve health and prevent disease including weight loss, fitness, nutrition, stress coping, sleep, mind-body and positive psychology interventions.

As a client who is on-board with a program, you can expect an increased capacity for sustainable lifestyle change. In the fast-paced world we live in, so many people struggle with one or more stressors that impair their capacity to truly be well.

This takes on many forms such as; stress, weight issues, addictions, a medical condition, low to no energy, poor fitness, negative emotions, or just the inability to balance life in general. Far too many people find it difficult to invest in their health and well-being in order to foster vitality and avoid a preventable illness. That’s where I as your health coach come in. Let’s see how we can add years to your life and life to your years!

Louise M. Richardson, Certified Reflexology Therapist

LouiseLouise’s passion for Reflexology began over thirty years ago, when her husband was suffering from sciatica, as a young man. A friend of the family who practiced reflexology helped him overcome this affliction when the medical alternatives were not feasible.

In 1999, Louise began studying and practicing Reflexology, and has since helped clients, as well as friends and family members, deal with issues such as chronic headaches, migraine headaches, diabetes, asthma, stress, anxiety, to name just a few.

In addition to Reflexology studies, Louise has also been certified in personal fitness training, senior health and fitness, and skincare. Louise is also a certified Reiki Master for over twenty years, which supports the quality of her Reflexology services.

Reflexology works with the philosophy that there are Reflex Points on the hands and the feet that correspond to all the various parts of the body. When the Reflexology Therapist stimulates these Reflex Points, the body responds in a positive way. Reflexology helps the body achieve its own Homeostasis, that natural state of well-being.

Because Reflexology is holistic, non-invasive, and totally natural, it works well with other healing modalities; such as, traditional medical treatments, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, to name a few. It also serves as a well-chosen component of a person’s wellness program, as preventive maintenance, certainly a smart way to achieve continued ongoing good health.

(Certified by International Institute of Reflexology using the Ingham Method. Certified Level 3 Reiki Master in The Usui Method of practice. Held a certification in Personal Fitness Training by National Strength and Conditioning Association.)


Makenzie B.
Chiropractic Assistant

Colleen Chiropractic Assistant

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Chiropractic Assistant

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