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V5- COREscore™

Our approach in caring for patients is designed around relationship, investigation, and logical approaches to healing. We begin by taking a comprehensive health history to understand three things:

  1. What is going on and why this hasn’t healed on its own.
  2. How long have you suffered from this problem.
  3. What has been done up until now to try to correct or fix it.

When our evaluation is complete we often have a clear picture of what is needed to help our patient return to health.

V5-CoreScore Evaluation

Utilizing our signature V5-CoreScore Evaluation, we identify the components of their history that related to a breakdown in the 5 pillars of health. The Core Score evaluates Form, Function, Fuel, Dynamic Movement Patters and Cognitive Function.

Form evaluates how well your body performs under constant gravity and how posture and musculoskeletal balance affected.

Function focuses on how well the brain communicates with the body by performing a thermal scan to uncover potential nerve interference.

Fuel evaluates the nutritional status by utilizing tests that reveal nutritional deficiencies and uncover the possible root causes of ongoing symptoms.

Dynamic Movement Pattern evaluates any biomechanical deficiencies that may be present causing disruption to the way we move.

Cognitive Function reveals any nutritional deficiencies that may cause a decrease in memory, focus and attention.

Once we have the results from the V5 Core Score Examination, we then can plan where to start to restore optimal health through a uniquely designed and affordable Health Revitalization Solution program.

Taking our time to solve the puzzle brings our patients terrific results.


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