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Improve Healing with Massage Therapy in Lutz

Massage therapy is critical to help remove scar tissue, and it promotes a reduction of inflammation, improves circulation to the injured area, and realigns muscle fibers for improved muscle function.

Massage Therapy Lutz
We often go to a massage therapist to feel good. Massage therapy plays a major role in the recovery of muscular conditions that cause discomfort after a chiropractic adjustment. When muscles are injured, the body immediately begins the repair process.

During the repair process the body begins to protect the injured area by recruiting other muscles to support injured ones. The body also creates a layer of protective scar tissue to help in the healing process.

The scar tissue is good in a way, but it also creates irritation to the surrounding nerves that travel to the skin. These nerves are being pulled and irritated from motion that we need to function.

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