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Functional Medicine at
Health and Wellness of Central Florida

Woman in sunshine with arms outstretchedIf you’ve ever wanted to live better and discover what you can do to make that happen, functional medicine could be for you.

Through functional medicine, Dr. Bob examines what’s really going on with your body through exams, scans and blood tests to get an in depth look at disturbances and interferences, and how they can be corrected through:

Dr. Bob’s Success with Functional Medicine

Dr. Bob is a true advocate for functional medicine because it’s helped him in his own life in a number of ways. About a year ago, he wasn’t feeling great and decided to make a change. Through testing, he discovered that his blood pressure and cholesterol were high. After making lifestyle changes, working with a health coach, and changing up his diet, he felt better in just weeks—and his second blood test proved how great he was doing. His blood pressure and cholesterol were both back within normal range.

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