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Nutrition for the Entire Family

Proper nutrition requires careful attention and selection from quality foods to allow the body to function optimally. The United States has more obesity related disease than any other country in the world. The word nutrition has become over utilized so that meaning has been lost.

How Nutrition Impacts Your Body

Nutritional counseling in Spring Hill and LutzOver the years we have become trapped by convenience, and much of our food is now being processed and placed in a can or a box.

The nutritional values of these products are at best questionable as efficacy in delivering to our bodies the nutrients needed for health.

Dr. Martinez has concentrated his efforts toward understanding how nutrition works to promote the body’s ability to process food, so that the available nutrients are absorbed effectively.

If the food is not properly digested, the nutrients that are so critically needed by body are not being absorbed. Understanding this process is crucial to effectively making the changes necessary to improve health at optimal level.

Revitalize Your Body with Proper Nutrition

Our Health Coach offers complementary consultations to those interested in understanding proper body function and nutrition to achieve optimal health. We encourage you to call and make an appointment today to sit down with the doctor and see if this program can work for you.

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